Sunday, February 16, 2014


This  doll, or Marotte, has a bisque head, blue painted eyes, and a closed painted mouth. You can see on the photo that there is a small speck on his chin  of what looks to be the red paint from the mouth.  I have done a bit of research on the internet.  I'm not quite certain what Belton type means, but all the Marottes I found which look like this one were described that way.  It was manufactured in the early 1900's. On the back of the head is incised ''101   5/0.''  The head does come off the stick.  Some Marottes are musical, but this one is not.  I have shown a photo of the underneath of the clothing.  The colors are pink, blue & salmon with lace around the collar and the bottom of the colored part of the clothing.  There is netting underneath that.   A bit of staining on the clothing, but nothing which detracts from the overall look.  You can see one of the small spots (rust?) on the light pink section.  The other is in the back and it is smaller.  The Marotte wears a blue hat and the trim is some sort of glued on cardboard.  This doll, including the stick, is 13."  Everything appears to be original, but I am not an expert on vintage/antique dolls.  Looks cute displayed with a larger bear.

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